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Seinfeld Sucks!


Maybe it’s just me but does anyone out there think this show sucks? I watch a lot of TV and if this is the only thing that’s on I will choose to turn the TV off or go on my computer for a half hour until it’s over. I don’t understand how people can say this was the best show on television. Let me get this straight, the TV Guide names it the greatest television program of all time and all you Seinfeld fanatics base your arguments off that? Maybe because E! calls it the number 1 reason the 90’s ruled? Fuck outta here. Just because a show was the first of its kind doesn’t make it the best thing to ever happen to television. News flash people, nothing ever happens! So basically you have a witty show about, yea you guessed it, nothing. How about music from the show? Yea, that sucks too. Jerry Seinfeld the comedian, like his show, is so overrated. What’s even worse is when people bring up the argument how topics in the show relate to everyday life. News flash people, I can pick things from South Park and The Simpsons that relate to everyday life. I literally want to kill myself when I hear that intro and have to see Jerry Fucking Seinfeld telling stupid jokes on a stage to no one.

Lets break this down:


Jerry Seinfeld – The character the show is named after and he’s not even the funniest person on the show. He dates nothing but ugly chicks and just strikes out with all of them. So you’re not funny and you can’t score with ugly women. Great start. How about is acting skills? Yea, they were none existent. He was basically a Larry David puppet.


George Costanza – Probably the funniest in my opinion but the most annoying. Dude runs around yelling all the time. Apparently he works for the Yankees or something. He, unlike Jerry seems to have a way with the ladies. So let me get this right, the bald, short fat guy with glasses gets the chicks but the main actor, Jerry does not. It’s points like this that fans of the show think are great but I just don’t see it. To top it all off, the guy is an L7 weenie.


Elaine Benes – I guess she’s Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and that makes sense. Probably the best looking chick he’s ever dated and of course he doesn’t have her. This again is probably a point fans love about the show but again, I don’t see it. She chooses to date guys that are usually no good for her and shocker, it never works out. Oh yea, whenever she gets some good or shocking news she yells “Get Out!”


Cosmo Kramer – Kramer is Jerry’s neighbor who apparently doesn’t own a mirror and doesn’t have good enough friends to tell him his fucking hair looks like shit. While were at it how played out is it that in EVERY episode he comes sliding through the door into Jerry’s apartment. Lets top it all off by noting that he’s basically retarded and acts like an idiotic child most of the time. The dude doesn’t work at all and always has some hair brained scheme to get rich and oh what’s this, another shocker. IT NEVER WORKS OUT.

I can literally go on and on about this show but I have a life….and it’s just not worth it.

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  1. Mikebo / All of Jerry’s girlfriends were ugly??? Teri Hatcher?? Amanda Peet?? You are off your rocker with this one Tony.

  2. kbsmoka /

    I’ll give you Amanda Peet but not Teri Hatcher….Still doesn’t mean the show is any good though.

    • Mikebo /

      So just because there is a big fan base, the show has to suck? Take your ‘too cool for the room’ hat off and watch the show. It’s hands down the best comedy of all time.

  3. Hands-down agree! Awful, repetitive show that appeals to the low brow masses due to its simplicity and easy to digest campy scenarios.

  4. Austinite /

    I think that to be able to evaluate a comedy, you would need to have a sense of humor. Some human interaction might also help. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just saying.

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