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Far Cry 3 (PS3)

The gaming nerd in me has to let you know that Far Cry 3 is the best, most complete video game that has been released in a long time.  Estimated 45 hours of game play which is actually unheard of these days.  With games going for $60 each the last thing you want is to go through the entire thing in 5 hours. Worst feeling in the world.  Add in the fact that when you bring the game to GameStop to trade in they give you $30 and turn around and sell it for $50. More on those GameStop assholes in a later post.  For now check out Far Cry 3 on the PS3.  No Xbox bullshit over here.

Far Cry 3

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  1. DRO0107 /

    Bro go outside and do something with yourself instead of sitting and playing video games….throw away the chinese delivery boxes turn the lights back on, open the window to get the clouds that are building up in the living room out and go outside….45 hours of sitting playing a game plus getting set back 60 bucks….No shot!!

  2. kbsmoka /

    How’s work?

  3. DRO0107 /

    About as bad as sitting in front of a video game all day….

  4. Hitman Absolution>Far Cry 3

  5. DRO0107 /

    That is prob the reason why you are sitting at your desk playing one on your phone as we speak Vg3….

  6. Ya straight gamer…work can’t stop me from playing, fuck that noise.

  7. DRO0107 /

    My video game days stopped at techmo bowl and mike tyson punch out 007 373 5963 bitches!!!

  8. DRO0107 /

    Sorry VG3 wasnt born yet to know what that all means but KB knows what im talking about….

  9. DRO0107 is a dick cheese

  10. DRO0107 /

    You would think about eating somthing while thinking about dick…

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