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Mike’s Saturday Divisional Round Picks


Neal’s picks are adorable, but big boys play for cash, so here are my picks for this weekend:

Saints at Seahawks: Seahawks -9.5.

Give me the 12th man all day in this one. That loss vs. the Cardinals which broke their 2 year winning streak at home will actually help them, as those kind of streaks start to weigh on you (ask the 2007 Pats). Plus Percy Harvin is back, which gives them that extra explosive player on offense and special teams. The Saints are a different team on the road, so I love Seattle in the one.
Final Score: Seattle 31 New Orleans 20


Colts at Patriots: Colts +7.5

I’m going to take it a step further. I think the Colts win this game outright. If you watched these two teams play this season, I don’t see how anyone can say the Pats are the better team overall. I know Indy hasn’t been the same since they lost Reggie Wayne to injury, and I know all about the Pats comeback win over the Broncos. But New England played only 4 games against playoff teams and the went 2-2. Meanwhile the Colts played 6 playoff teams and won 4 of them. Brady is still the man, but Andrew Luck is coming off a career making game. Call it a hunch, call it me being a Patriot-hater, call it whatever you want. The Colts win this game on the field and move on to the AFC championship.

Final Score: Indianapolis 27 New England 24


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