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Kevin Richardson – The Lion Man


Now this is just absolutely insane! This guy is Kevin Richardson, he’s an animal behaviorist and apparently he is great at his job. My man is just walking around, wrestling, playing and swimming with a pride of nearly 30 lions. Now granted this is on a reservation and not really “in the wild” but regardless this is impressive. They really seem to enjoy his company and at one point in another video that you can find on YouTube one of the lions actually offers up its new cub to him. I could have sworn that was when lions were most protective.

How long before this dude is ripped apart by these lions?

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  1. Even though it’s the watered down version of this check out the Shaun Ellis documentary A Man Among Wolves! Same concept, but with wolves. This dude spends every day with them from the time they’re cubs to when they’re fully grown. My man kills and animal, guts it and cooks the liver and then puts it BACK to set up as bait so he can feed with a pack of wolves!! Apparently if you get to the liver first within a pack you’re established as the ‘alpha male’ because that is the prized piece everyone is fighting for when feasting. The whole thing is beyond crazy!

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