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Colony Grill vs Riko’s Pizza


So growing up in Norwalk there was always this tradition that after our little league baseball games we went to Colony Grill in Stamford. Whether it was for the hot oil pizza, stingers, meatball, bacon whatever….It’s all great. The place was always packed and you always had to wait but it was no big deal because you knew the pizza you were about to eat was out of this world. Now I may be late to this party but apparently a father and son duo that used to work at Colony for over a decade, Walter and John Martinez have linked up with Stamford resident Rico Imbrogno to “create” their own kind of thin crust pizza….aka Riko’s Pizza. The only problem is the pizza is an exact replica of Colony’s thin-crust pies. Everything down to the stingers and hot oil. Straight up rip off job if you ask me. Now I’ve tried the pizza and while it’s close to Colony’s it’s certainly not better. Riko’s just opened a new spot in Norwalk so when you get a chance go and check it out….Let us know how it compares to Colony. Oh and by the way…..Anyone that says the pizza at the other two Colony locations is even close to the original in Stamford is an idiot.

Also, check out this article in the Stamford Advocate and this comparison done by Dan and Kristien from OMNOMCT. Someone also let us know if it’s Rico’s or Riko’s…..I’ve seen it spelled both ways on websites and even the pizza boxes.

Let the pizza wars begin..

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  1. rinkughadiyali /

    I did all the shirts for these guys, I have it as Riko’s Pizza.

  2. mikebo /

    It was originally called Rico’s but was changed to Riko’s. Apparently Colony files a lawsuit against them for stealing their recipe, but I don’t understand how changing the name changed anything with that. Their website is still Weird

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